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10th March 2015
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This image is the continuation of same topic of the previous two images I had the opportunity to produce with actor/model Romeo Castellanos.

Of course the main purpose in producing these images was to bring attention to current events and the continual issues of injustice and the racism that can sometimes go hand in hand. This experience has made me think of other issues that can possibly be included in my work. Not trying to be an activist, just perhaps adding something more meaningful to the “picture”
Romeo and I came up with some of the words and phrases. Learned a few things in the process. Fortunately for me, Romeo has an extensive knowledge of African American history. Interesting and sad at the same time. I invite You to look up the phrases.

The overall idea was to use an adverse looking background. My thoughts initially were to have a more darker color pallet. After applying the foreground and water, it was clear to me that a blue ambiance was a must. The yellow was part of the clouds. I decided to enhance it, since it played well with the stablished colors and contrast.
Some of the water texture was painted on to add realism to the existing water reflection. The chains symbolizing the oppression, reinforcing the grip of negative emotions written all over his body. The emotions that become obstacles for people. Not letting people have productive and fulfilling lives.
Hence the “alternative destiny” of each individual. The struggle due to differences without considering... We are all here. All minds of heart and soul.
As I mentioned before. Romeo played a major role with the creation of these concepts.

Romeo was photographed in a white background. Just as I did before, as I do for most of my composite work. Felt bad for Him.

When photographing this particular pose, the batteries in my flash went dead. He was chained patiently waiting for me to remedy the problem. In my mind, it took forever. Had no clue where my spare batteries were. All I was thinking is how uncomfortable it was to be nude with all those heavy cold chains around his neck.
The light bulb went off in my head and got my synch cable and continued the session. Funny thing is. That when I finished putting the chains on, I asked him.

“Are You going to be ok with these heavy chains?” He said He was,... as long as I “didn't take forever.” Haha! Talk about jinxing it?! Yes I blamed it on him. Still quite embarrassed about it. Kudos Romeo for being such a great model and putting up with my lack of preparation and panic.

The fact that the chains were photographed in the white background made it really difficult. As highlights were just as white as the background. Took more time than usual.
It was well worth it.

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